FAQs on Submitting Work to XJUR

Q: Can I submit a research project that I coauthored with another person?
Yes.  Seek your co-author’s permission to submit the work.  Then, submit the work under your name and your co-author’s name.  Only one submission is necessary.

Q: I’ve already graduated, but I’d like to submit something.  Is this possible?
Yes.  XJUR can accept submissions from seniors for up to a year after graduation.  For example, if you graduated in May of 2014, you may submit your work for the 2015 volume of XJUR. Submissions must be work that you wrote while you were a student at Xavier.

Q: Can I apply for Editorial Board and submit something, too?
Yes.  The submission review process is structured to accommodate this scenario.

Q: If I publish something in XJUR, does that mean I can’t publish it somewhere else later?
A: XJUR is Creative Commons licensed; while this is not the same thing as a copyright, pieces in XJUR can’t be used for commercial purposes.  If you wish to republish work from XJUR, contact xjur@xavier.edu.  XJUR will work with you do ensure that you retain the right to your own data, results, and writing.

Q: Why do I get an error message when I upload a PDF?
A: At this time, XJUR’s online submission form is only able to accept Word files. If you can’t get your file converted into a Word file, try saving it to your Xavier OneDrive and pasting a share link for the file into the electronic submission form.  If you’re still stuck, email xjur@xavier.edu for help.

Q: Who decides if my work in XJUR gets published?
A: The student Editorial Board selects work through an anonymous (“blind”) review process.  The people selecting submissions for publication won’t know the identity of the submission authors until the review process is completed.

Q: I want to submit visual artwork.  What should I do?
A: XJUR recommends that you submit images of your art, or a link to images of your work/s online.  For purposes of blind review, low/medium-resolutions are sufficient.  If your work is selected for publication, you’ll need to supply high/print-resolution images of your work.  There’s no limit to how many images you can submit, though the online form can accommodate only three files at a time; if you wish to submit more than three files, submit a second form.  If you have questions or concerns about submitting visual, digital, or other creative work, email xjur@xavier.edu.

FAQs on XJUR Editorial Board

Q: What does the Editorial Board do, exactly?
A: The EB reads, discusses, and evaluates submissions received to XJUR.  Members decide which submissions will get published in XJUR, working together to develop discipline-specific criteria for evaluating submissions.  Members then communicate with authors and edit accepted works.  Members also help to recruit submissions, publicize XJUR, and keep the XJUR website current.

Q: What happened to the Editorial Board Application page?
A: XJUR Editorial Board is currently being rebooted in a new format for next year (AY 2017-2018).  Once the details are in place, information about joining the Board and an online application form will be available on this site.

Q: I have other questions about XJUR Editorial Board: who should I contact?
A: Email xjur@xavier.edu and you’ll receive a reply from someone on XJUR staff.  You can also contactthe journal’s faculty advisor, Dr. Lisa Ottum (English) ottuml@xavier.edu.