Vol. 3 Table of Contents

The following Table of Contents lists essays published in the print edition of XJUR Vol. 3 as well as essays published in the digital version.  To download the entire print edition, click here.

Faculty Introduction
Dr. Christian End

The Reality of the American Dream: Finding The Good Life in the 21st Century
Madeline High

The “Right” Way to Read: Book Clubs, Literary Culture, and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road
Sarah Nimmo

2D:4D Digit Ratio: Indicator of Sports and Gaming Participation in Males
Nick Lehan & Kayla Smith

The Relationship Between Small Business Loans and Wages
Alexander Foxx

A Tribute to Reality?: Herodotus and the Persian Tribute List (3.89-97)
Joseph B. Ruter III

The Problem of Religious Dogmatism in Spinoza’s Theological-Political Treatise
Alexander Kah

Women of Feeling: Understanding Austen’s Marginalized Heroines
Melissa Alexander

The Greek Inception, Phusis, and Ultimate Temporality: Humanity as Time Itself
Michael Poussard

The Language of Il Duce’s Nation: Youth and War Rhetoric in Italian Futurism and Fascism
Cassandra Burns

Saint Cecilia: The Story of the Patron Saint of Music
Logan Wegmeyer & Samantha Miller

On the Appropriation of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Ozymandias” in AMC’s Breaking Bad
Austin Gill

Tris Prior, Selfless Female Hero: How The Protagonist of The Divergent Trilogy Satisfies Society’s Hunger for Positive Female Role Models
Kathleen Bosse

John Dewey and the Ashcan Artists: Radical Voices in the Progressive Era
Shannon Price

Contributor Biographies