Vol. 4 Table of Contents

The following Table of Contents lists essays published in the print edition of XJUR Vol. 4 as well as essays published in the digital version.  To download the entire print edition, click here.

Child Soldiers in the Salvadoran Civil War

Samantha Miller

Rethinking Church and State: America’s Neutrality-Obsessed Separation, Its Formation, Its Compromised State, and the Way Forward

Benjamin Giles

DeRolph v. State: How Limited Government vs. Large Government Debates Affect Race and Education in Cincinnati

Jonathan S. Hogue

Effectively Communicating Train Safety Measures to the French Public

Lyndi Vinson

Effect of Media Bias on Credibility of Political News

Lauren Morris

Role of temperature and shade coverage on behavior and habitat use of captive African lions, snow leopards, and cougars

Caitlin Mack

The Influence of Fallback Foods on Skull Morphology in the Family Hominidae

Matt Sanfilippo

Cosmic Reionization and Early Star-Forming Galaxies: New Constraints on the Epoch of Cosmic Reionization

Pengfei Xu